5 Best JSON Online Editor Tools

I spend a lot of time in designing and developing JSON APIs. I was searching for an effective JSON online editor that could help me edit, parse and beautify my JSON on the web itself. I found many JSON editor tools online. But only a few is simple, efficient and easy to use. I have personally tested and picked 5 best JSON online editors.


JSON Online editor tools

#1 jsoneditoronline.org

JSON online editor

JSONEditorOnline.org is the StackEdit.io for JSON editing. It’s so easy to use. The layout of the editor is very similar to StackEdit. You type the code in the panel on the left and you can preview the formatted JSON on the right panel. You can save the JSON files online or to download it. If you have a JSON file on your computer you can upload and start editing online directly.

Highlight: Aesthetic design, run by the original developer of the JSON editor script which is used by many JSON editor tools online.


#2 codebeautify.org

JSON editor by CodeBeautify.org

codebeautify.org has a host of tools to reformat / beautify along with many converters like EXCEL to HTML and XML to JSON. CodeBeatutify.org also has a JSON editor. It is very simple. The editor has the tree editor feature. The left pane takes unformatted JSON as input and the right side pane will display formatted and tree-structured JSON output. You can also expand either of the screens to view it in full-screen mode.

Highlight: Load URL feature to test your API’s JSON response.


#3 json.parser.online.fr

Screenshot of JSON validator too - json.parser.online.fr

This is the simplest of all the JSON editors I have tested. It’s light and does the job very well. Although it’s an editor, I use this mostly for validating too. When I copy JSON and paste it on the left pane, it points out exactly the line that has an a parse error.

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Highlight: Simplicity


#4 jsonviewer.stack.hu

Simple JSON parser tool online

This is a clean looking JSON editor and viewer with not too many features. It serves the purpose very well. No intrusive ads. Unlike other tools that have the screen divided into two panes for input and output, this tool has one single pane which is used for both input and output. So if you are  not a fan of web-apps with split-screens, you can give this one a shot. It also some very useful features like whitespace removal, etc.

Highlight: Simplicity, one single screen for JSON input and formatted JSON output, whitespace removal.


#5 json-csv.com

JSON editor

This is not so popular but one of the power JSON editors I know. Because it allows you to view and edit the parsed JSON data in Excel-like spreadsheet format. When you have a large array of JSON objects, this tool will make it super easy for you to view and edit data in rows and columns format. This makes it easier for the developer to follow objects as rows, identify null values in JSON, etc. You can use the free version to upload 1 MB of JSON while the pro version lets you upload up to50 MBs of JSON data to the editor.


Highlight: Excel-like viewing and editing for large JSON array of objects.

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