Did Housing.com’s Tech team deface the homepage to support Rahul Yadav?

India’s leading real estate portal Housing.com is hacked and defaced.  This happens exactly two days after the founder Rahul Yadav is fired from the company by the investors. In a Facebook post, Rahul Yadav had mentioned that he is not involved in the incident. And added he would have designed the defaced page better if he had done it.


In the same status message, Rahul Yadav had also used the hastag #LoveYouTechTeam which adds to the suspicion that his supporters in Technology Team of the company might be behind it.

I tried reaching the other internal pages of the portal like https://housing.com/in/mumbai . They all seem to display the same page. So the hacker had redirected all incoming HTTP requests to the same page.

Update: The site is now up again with the same page at around 6:17 PM IST. From the same IP: which is hosted by Amazon Web Service.


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