parsley error list

The  Parsley error list destroying the html/css structure will make you feel bad after seeing and unaligned input elements like this



How to Fix

The Parsley error list use <ul> tags for displaying error below the input fields this cause the  interrupt to the  HTML structure ,because you have <ul> elements between the blocks you wish to output on the same to fix this there very simple way.

First find in which elements you wanna apply this fix so in my case i want to apply the fix  in

<ul id="parsley-id-multiple-ngo_categories" class="parsley-errors-list"></ul>

Next simply we should change the display property of this element.So to access the <ul> elements in css get the

element#id.classname so after finishing it it will look like this ul#parsley-id-multiple-ngo_categories.parsley-errors-list

Finally add display-block :inline in your CSS to the  respective element

ul#parsley-id-multiple-ngo_categories.parsley-errors-list {
display: inline-block;

And yeah ! its fixed



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