Facebook notification icon changed: its now location sensitive

Have you noticed something different when you logged in to facebook on (or after) 31st July 2014? Probably, if you had one or more notifications and if you live outside US.  Yes the world map in the notification has been showing United States visible on it has now become location sensitive and that’s why you are seeing a different map in which your region is actually visible.

In a communication to  Tech in Asia Facebook’s Asia HQ in Singapore mentioned that

 This is just one small example of how we’re always working to personalize people’s Facebook experience.

World by Hemispheres

So, Facebook now has 2 versions of the notification icon, showing either western or eastern hemisphere based on where you login from and not based on what you mentioned as your current city in the about section of your Facebook profile. It is worth mentioning that some people posted and on social media including facebook saying their county Australia is not visible.

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