Disabling blueticks in Whatsapp by turning off Read reciepts

Popular messaging app Whatsapp rolled out a feature last week. This allowed users to know whether their messages are read or not. According to the update, if a message is read by the recipient it will be marked with a double bluetick at the sender’s end. This feature addition received a mixed reaction among Whatsapp users. In fact, people started trolling the blueticks on social media with funny memes. Some started looking our for disabling blueticks in Whatsapp with some tricks.

Whatsapp double ticks and meanings

Whatsapp bluetick fun


But luckily Android users now have an option of disabling blueticks in Whatsapp by turning off Read reciepts.

Steps to disable Whatsapp blue ticks in Android

  1. Backup your conversations (if required). Because in the next step you will need to delete the app to install the new version. Goto Whatsapp Settings (tap the three vertical dots on top right corner of app screen) ->  Chat Settings -> Backup conversation.
  2. Uninstall Whatsapp by tapping Android Settings -> Apps -> All -> Whatsapp -> Uninstall.
  3. Goto http://www.whatsapp.com/android/ . Download and install the whatsapp.apk file of  Version 2.11.444 (available most recent stable version as I am writing this post.) Note: You need to check the Unknown sources option under the Security menu of Android Settings. This is required since you are downloading and installing the apk manually.
  4. Goto Settings  -> Account -> Privacy.Disabling blueticks in Whatsapp android
  5. Uncheck the Read Receipts option. You are done.

Why is this update not available on Play Store

Usually it takes a while to publish updated version of an apps on Play Store. This is because of the review formalities. So we can expect an updated version of Whatsapp with disable Read Receipt option on Play Store soon. But if you are so desperate to disable the blueticks, you can go ahead and follow the above steps.

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Disabling blueticks in Whatsapp app for other platforms

Unfortunately, this method of disabling blueticks in Whatsapp is only applicable for Android users now. You will have to wait until official updates for other platforms like iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia Symbian, Nokia S40 and Windows Phone.

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