Apache Cordova Android stuck in Device is Ready screen

The Apache Cordova android “Device is Ready” screen you are seeing above should actually make you happy. Because it means that you have successfully set everything up. From the PATH environment variables in Windows to your android phone’s USB debugging option. You might know that. But why is the app stuck in Apache Cordova Device is Ready screen even after updating index.html file with your own code?

Locating the actual index.html file to edit

The actual  index.html file that has to be edited is in your-app-folder/assets/www/ . But the index.html will not be visible there. Because Apache Cordova should have added an exclusion filter while copying template files when you have added android platform via Node.js command line tool. To remove the exclusion filter,

1. Goto Project -> Properties -> Resource -> Resource Filters in Eclipse.

Removing Exclude Filters in Eclipse

2. Remove the two exclusion filters you see there.

3. Save the project.


Now you should see the www folder with sub folders named css, img, js along with the cordova_plugins.js, cordova.js and the index.html file. You can now edit this file. This will be first screen of your android app. I would advice you not to keep any other files except your html files in this www folder. i.e. If you are using JQuery Mobile, split the JS and CSS files and put them under corresponding folders here.  Don’t drop the JQuery Mobile folder directly.


In my case, I am revisiting Phonegap (now Apache Cordova) after a long time. So  I went ahead and edited the index.html folder found in www folder under the app folder that I created using node.js command line tool.But there is no change. The app kept showing the same Apache Cordova Device is Ready screen. Then I researched a bit. People on the forums said I have to make changes to the config.xml and some thought that the Apache cordova Device is Ready screen is the default splash screen. It took almost an hour for me to figure out where am I failing.

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