Here’s everything you need to know about Youtube’s new logo

Not so often this happens at Google. In fact, a logo change never happened for Youtube in the past 12 years.

Why would a platform with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users do a logo revamp?


Youtube is trying to replace TeleVision

Yes. With internet penetration rate growing exponentially across the world, the need for on-demand entertainment has equally surged. Not just on-demand, but on the go too. Technologies like 4G has made it possible to stream videos seamlessly even on the move.

In the same time, YouTube has become the undisputed medium for video consumption.

So, with this little change to their logo, Google is trying to take the “next serious step”. According to me, it is evident that Google doesn’t want to remain “just an app for watching videos”.

Looking at the logo, one can easily figure out the play icon on a rounded rectangle symbolizing the old CRT television.

Youtube new logo

The real success isn’t moving 1.5 billion MAU to 2.5 billion MAU. It isn’t about doubling revenues every year. It is not even about attracting more advertisers or improving user stickiness. It’s about changing how people consume videos. Can Youtube replace television, for me, somehow, it’s obvious. It is going to happen sooner or later. Immediately after looking at the new logo, I felt this is the single most thing that the video conglomerate is trying to convey.

Nothing Fancy. Straight to the business

There is no change in the typeface. No change in colors. No new elements introduced apart from the play icon (which Youtube was already using in their interface design). It is a simple, yet thoughtful revamp.

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If I am asked to review the logo itself, I would definitely say there is nothing so awesome about it. In my opinion, it’s so yesteryear. I have no idea why is Google still sticking to the capitalized “T”. While brands are moving to “all-lower-case” typefaces like Facebook, stating they look more approachable, it is surprising that Youtube decided to stick to the same old typeface.


The future

All your favorite television channels will continue to move to Youtube. They will take the medium more seriously than ever.

And so are the advertisers.

Youtube publishing will become an industry in itself.

You will soon see products, platforms and solutions targeting Youtube publishers.

Televisions will slowly become obsolete.


Facebook’s Vs Youtube’s approach to video

Although youtube is fast becoming monopoly of video content publishing, Facebook has really cracked the other end of it.

Video creation. I don’t have to tell you how easy Facebook has made it to stream up a live video, directly from our mobile apps. On contrary, Youtube’s approach to video creation is very rudimentary.

I had to make this comparison here, because if Youtube doesn’t fix this right away, Facebook could pose a major threat in Youtube’s foray into becoming the Television of the next generation.


Let’s wait and see who wins the ‘video’ game.

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