8 Must Have Sublime Text Editor Plugins for programmers

Sublime Text Editor is a popular name among developers. If you are a developer you can’t under-estimate the power of this tool. It might look a very simple code editor, but it has a lot of hidden features underneath. Sublime text functionality can be extended with myriads of plugins which makes our task easier. In this article, we have compiled a list of 8 must have Sublime Text Editor plugins for programmers that make an already wonderful editor truly Sublime.

1. Package ControlPackage Manager Plugin Sublime Text Editor

Package Control is the first thing that you have to install right away after installing SublimeText. So what is package control? Package Control: a package manager, enabling you to install other plugins without leaving Sublime Text.

Click here to install Package Control plugin for Sublime Text editor

To verify that it’s been correctly installed, press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + p” and type in ‘package control’ — you should be able to view a list of options. 


2. Emmet

Emmet Sublime Text editor plugin

Emmet Sublime Text editor plugin

Emmet is a very useful plugin which would increase your productivity by making you write less code. To install this  plugin – press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + p” and type ‘Emmet’ and press enter. You are done. To verify that it’s been correctly installed type HTML:5″ and press “tab”, and it is expanded to a basic HTML5 page template. Simple.

3. DocBlocker

 DocBlockr makes writing documentation a breeze, eases the creation of docblocks in your PHP code – simply type and hit enter when over a function or class and a blank docblock will be created ready to edit.


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4. Sidebar enhancements

Sidebar Enhancement Sublime Text Editor

Sidebar enhancements adds more context menus to your sidebar.


5. Alignment

A very simple and easy to use plugin. It makes your code looks neat and tidy.

To use: Highlight the lines you want to align and press ctrl + alt + a”.

6. Trimmer

Click here to download Trimmer plugin for sublime text editor.

This plugin helps you remove unnecessary spaces, as well as trailing spaces, which could cause some errors In JavaScript.

7. Clipboard history

Keeps a history of your clipboard items. Lets you paste them back in, as and when needed.

Click here to download Clipboard history plugin for Sublime .

8. Bracket Highlighter

Bracket Highlighter Sublime Text Editor Plugin

This plugin collection includes plugins to fold your code according to brackets, cycles through selecting tags and many more.

Click here to download Bracket Highlighter plugin.

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